chili chocolate ice cream sandwich

It’s summer, so naturally, I’m going to be making ice cream. Am I sharing yet another ice cream recipe? Yup! I couldn’t see any reason not to.

For this edition of “give me an excuse to make ice cream” it’s, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! I whipped up these ice cream sandwiches, want to have a try? Yes, duh! 

Cookie Dough:

1C almond flour
2T coconut water (from coconut milk can below)
1T almond butter
1T cacao powder
1.5t coconut nectar
10 medjool dates
.5t vanilla extract

Ice Cream:

1 can coconut milk
.5C fresh coconut meat
.25C cashews soaked in water
3T cacao powder
1/8t chili powder
1/4t cinnamon
4 medjool dates


Ice Cream:

  1. Place the coconut milk can in the fridge. Use the cream part only for the ice cream.

  2. Blend everything in a high speed blender.

  3. Once combined, pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and run until the mixture hardens to a soft-serve consistency. Make the crust while your ice cream is in the machine.

  4. Fill each mould with ice cream and tap the mould down to get rid of air bubbles

  5. Place in freezer.

Crust :

  1. Pit dates and process all of the ingredients in a food processor until it becomes a ball of dough.

  2. If using a loaf pan, cover the pan with parchment paper first.

  3. Halve the dough and press that half into the bottom of your pans.

  4. Place in freezer.

  5. Once the ice cream has hardened (at least a couple of hours), press the remaining dough over top the ice cream and place in freezer.

Notes: I used a six-part round mould, but you can easily do this in a loaf pan and cut them whichever shape you desire. Coconut meat is best fresh, my last blog post tells you how to open one up.

Living Lotus- Audrey

Audrey is the founder of Living Lotus Food & Nutrition Inc. a plant-based dessert and food education company in Vancouver, BC. Trained as a certified Whole Food Educator and Raw Food Chef, she is passionate about Making Health Sweet and empowering people to make better food choices. She enjoys playing in the kitchen, yoga, sewing & riding her bike in the sun.

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