Vegan Matcha Creme Eggs


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These decadent matcha creme eggs are bound to be your new favourite. The foil-wrapped and creme-filled treats are ready for your upcoming egg hunt.

We partnered with Whisk Premium Matcha to develop this cashew coconut creme filling using Whisk’s Yame Pattiserie Matcha inside our 50% Peruvian Awajún Oat Milk Chocolate shell.

Available as single eggs or in a three-pack.

Vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free.

Looking for more egg-cellent goodies? Check out the other flavours of our Vegan Creme Eggs.

Ingredients: Coconut*, cashews*, cacao butter*, Xylitol (birch source), Fair-trade cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, certified gluten-free oats*, Whisk Premium matcha powder

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