Limited Release – Hojicha White Chocolate with Calendula flowers 50g


Celebrate the essence of spring with our limited edition Hojicha White Chocolate with Calendula Flowers.

Hojicha, a roasted green tea from Japan, is known for its distinctive flavour profile, including caramel notes and pleasant smokiness. This unique tea is masterfully combined with our creamy blonde chocolate, creating a sophisticated and delightful treat.

Calendula flowers, also known as marigold, add vibrant colour and a delicate, slightly peppery, and tangy flavor. The combination of these flavors creates a harmonious balance, elevating the chocolate to a new level of sophistication.

Don’t miss out on this unique limited springtime delight.


Vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free.



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Ingredients: Cacao butter*, Coconut sugar*, gluten-free oats*, Hojicha powder*

*Certified organic

Nutrition Facts per 1.5 (25 g) : Calories 160 Fat 12 g (16 %), Saturated Fat 7 g + Trans 0 g (35 %), Cholesterol 0 mg (0 %), Carbohydrate 11 g, Fibre 1 g (4 %), Sugar 6 g (6 %), Protein 1 g, Sodium 20 mg (1 %), Potassium 0 mg (0 %), Calcium 0 mg (0 %), Iron 0.3 mg (2 %).

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